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Sai School of Harrow Partners With Akshaya Patra Foundation To Collect Food For Ukrainian Refugees

The recent crisis in Ukraine has led to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing to neighbouring countries, with Poland taking in over 1.2 million refugees alone. Most of these are women and children, who have often had a difficult journey getting out of Ukraine. As they arrive into Poland, they are met by any volunteers, who help them get some warm food and clothing, shelter, help to move on to their next destination etc.

Sai School of Harrow has partnered up with Akshaya Patra Foundation before, to do Food Drives in support of the free meal program, run by the Akshaya Patra Foundation in the UK. They now have their team and volunteers at the Polish Border and they provide hot meals to the refugees who are in need.

Here are some photos and videos that show how we raised awareness for this food drive and the resulting food collection, which has been passed on to Akshaya Patra Foundation for use at the Polish Border.