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Empowering Children with citizenship values as an investment for life.

Sai School of Harrow was launched in April 1995 when there was a demand from Hindu parents in Harrow in ensuring their children would be supported with supplementary education revolving around their rich culture and heritage.

5 Asian women inspired by the well known spiritual leader and founder of Human Values Programme , Sai Baba, made contact with  Harrow Council who allowed them to set up the Saturday School from Stanburn School, Abercorn Rd, Stanmore.

From modest beginnings with a handful of students, today Sai School is serving hundreds of 2nd and 3rd generations Asian children and young people supported by 45-50 adults, including 35 teachers, classrooms assistants and parent volunteers. Stanburn School premises and its high quality accommodation have been instrumental in Sai School’s success in being able to welcome pupils to a welcoming learning environment with well-equipped classrooms.

 Membership increased steadily due to word of mouth as parents recognized their children’s attainments had risen, they had developed an identity, which had led to an increase in their confidence, and self esteem. Teachers’ training is hosted during holidays and the volunteer teachers are eager to become professional with an enthusiasm and willingness to improve in all areas.

Sai School pupils were also encouraging their friends to join during the early days. By September 1999, year groups, starting from Reception to Year 10, structured classes to mirror mainstream schools. Few of the teachers have qualified teacher status and work in the mainstream sector.

As parents became partners, and Sai School’s partnership with statutory, local communities and mainstream schools increased, a range of activities and programmes were introduced strengthening joint working between local organisations, other faith and voluntary groups.

In 2004, the Sai Citizens programme was launched to help children feel a sense of pride in being British and contribute to local causes. This initiative enabled Sai School to win the Queens Award for Voluntary Services 2005, the 1st award to an Asian led group followed by other prestigious awards.  (See Awards section).

The Team

Ranu Mehta-Radia

Ranu Mehta-Radia is the Founder & Chair of Trustees. She has 30 years experience working in the community including disabilities, interfaith & performing arts. She has won many awards for her amazing contributions including:
Ranu is Stage Coordinator for Diwali in London since the last 6 years working with 11 Hindu organisations and Mayor of London’s Event Team.
A copy of the Sai School Organisation Chart can be found here Sai School Organisation Chart.