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Youth Wing

Sai School Youths receiving there awards

Sai School Youths receiving there awards

Volunteering & Community Engagement

In October 2000 the Youth Wing was launched by the school for students that had concluded their Sai Educational program. Parent’s requests increased to keep their children within the school and surrounded by its values and teachings. Through the years it has been evident that young people were getting into bad company, drug abuse, anti social behaviour.

Its aims were to combat these potential threats and provide a structured program including training sessions, career guidance, community work and regularly supporting the School in various areas.

Sai Youths registered with the Millennium Volunteer Award Scheme and each young member now has to contribute 200 hours of community work annually to attain their awards.  Stephen Twigg, Minister for Schools presented the Awards at a Ceremony in June 2002 and was most impressed to see the young people’s commitment in putting back into the community.

In the last few years young volunteers have been nominated and received the Princess Diana Award to recognise and celebrate the successful dedication that members have given to the school and the community in their various specialist roles.

Areas that our young people have dedicated their time and support to are teacher training positions, providing academic support to class teachers in additions to
assisting pupils with encouragement and understanding of the catered curriculum and syllabus areas that are taught as well as support for the general running of the school every week.

Plus a group of our young volunteers support a Computer and Literacy club running every Saturday morning at Stanmore College, supporting young students with disabilities, teaching them to read and become computer user friendly.

In 2010 a group of dedicated members were nominated for the V Awards – London’s Young Volunteer awards. The nominees were invited to attend a special awards ceremony joined by many other young people who have also volunteered time and skills representing each individual borough in London. Our representatives and ambassadors of the school were proud and privileged to represent young volunteers from the North West London region.

To register for further information or to request to join the Youth Wing please contact Tejal Patel on