Why Sai School?

  • "Love All, Serve All"

Why Sai School?

Sai School of Harrow continues attracting large number of pupils and young people to the free Saturday School in Stanmore due to their unique educational programme for providing positive role models and reinforcing positive identities.


Engaging children and young people (including those with special needs) on Saturday mornings through a multi faith and value based educational programme run by volunteer teachers and ex pupils of Sai School. Sai Citizens activities for integration into mainstream society and reflecting our diverse and vibrant society.


Children from 5-15years

  • Multi faith education programme
  • Sai Citizens programme matching up each year group to a local charity or
    organisation for partnership working.
  • Human Values for character building and moral education
  • Key Stage 2 and GCSE/A level booster sessions for children and young
    people who are at risk of underachievement or economically disadvantaged.
  • Active learning in arts, music, dance and culture through showcasing at
    local, regional and national events.
  • Environmental projects
  • Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle projects
  • Sports
  • Outings

Youth Wing (15years+)
Providing maximum opportunities for the positive contribution of young people through:

  • Volunteering: Improve opportunities for voluntary work through sustainable volunteering opportunities.
  • Vocational skills and career development.
  • Training and employment opportunities.
  • Event Management
  • Being on project committees or forums
  • Partnership with local Police and other organizations to prevent anti social behaviour, youth offending, drugs and alcohol awareness.
  • Outings


  • Organize fundraising events
  • Engage parents in planning, delivery and evaluation of school activities
  • Parenting Support Programmes
  • Family Learning Schemes